Hiram: 6 Years + 6 Months

December 6, 2015 § Leave a comment


Hiram is halfway to seven! Holy smokes. Here are updates for this month.

Marbles: I was a little worried when Santa told me his plan to give the boys a marble a day in the Advent calendar. Last year, it was M&Ms. Would marbles be a satisfactory substitute? It turns out, yes. Hiram was the first one to discover the marbles and brought his brother along the change curve by promptly finding 5+ games that required only 2 marbles to play. The lack of sweets has never even come up. On the other hand, the marbles have introduced a whole host of other issues including: marbles getting lost, marbles on the stairs and, most traumatically, marbles disappearing (forever!) into the heating vent.

Ice Dancer: Hiram is getting noticed at skating lessons! In fact, the head guy at the organization said Hiram had promise and tried to recruit him to join an ice dancing school. I must admit, I got a little excited about the prospect of Hiram becoming a professional ice dancer and even promised to show him a few videos to pique his interest. We pulled up Charlie and Meryl, hovered around the computer and watched. Hiram was quiet for a pretty long time and then he said,  “Would I have to do that in front of people?”

Sucker for Tradition: It’s fun to see Hiram catching on to tradition this holiday season. One thing we do every year is strap the kids into their car seats and force them to ride around while B drives and I look at Christmas lights. Usually, 15 minutes in, at least one of them starts asking when it’s going to be over. But this year, maybe it will be different? A few weeks ago Hiram said, “When are we going to drive around and look at lights? I like doing that.” I didn’t correct him.

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