Eldyn: 4 Years!

December 14, 2015 § 1 Comment


Eldyn’s 4 years old and on top of it, he’s grown almost 2 inches since May. He’s running right out of the gate on this growing up thing.

Sticker Shock: Poor Lew. He did this to himself during one of his independent bedtime rituals. Then the next morning those buggers would NOT come off. Oh, the screaming. When we finally got it all resolved, he looked at me with tears streaming down his red, blotchy face (with some sticky stuff still here and there.) “Maybe I shouldn’t have put those stickers on my face.” Maybe not, little man. But it is a cute picture.

$$$: Now that he’s four, Eldyn gets an allowance. I can’t really wait to see what he does with this chance at a bit more control over his destiny but so far, he is not tipping his hand. He only vaguely listened while B explained the difference between spending and savings banks. Then grabbed the quarters, shoved them evenly between the two banks (like a pro) and got right back to the business of playing.

Just Try It: It seems like after months and months of convincing, Lew is finally starting to believe in the power of Try! Twice on Saturday, he willingly used the “try again” strategy for catching onto something new. And, he has success to show for it — a bunch of puzzle pieces in place and a whole skating lesson with no walker! Hopefully, he felt like it was worth it and will try, try again.

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