Hiram: 6 Years + 5 Months

November 9, 2015 § Leave a comment


There are so many differences between kindergarten and first grade. As we got settled into the new school year, October was full of poignant examples of how far Hiram has come.

I Feel Fine – One of the best examples is the easier, breezier way Hiram acclimates to new things. Last year, drop off involved the actual peeling back of H’s little fingers, arms, legs and then fingers again, running like a crazy mama out the door and sobbing into my coffee cup on the curb. Daily. For months. This year, he couldn’t care less when I go. And that is just fine with me.

All Fun – Hiram and I now officially like playing the same kinds of games. And doing the same puzzles. The other night we got going on a 100-piecer with only 3 minutes left until bedtime. And then we both got in trouble with Hiram’s dad for not finding a stopping spot soon enough. Ooops.

Cool Duds – Hiram needed new long-sleeved shirts this fall so I did what I usually do which is go to a store, buy a bunch and hope he likes them. Usually I strike out on at least a few but this year all his new shirts have been represented equally in the rotation. Then he told me I did a good job picking out his shirts (!) “I must be learning your style,” I said. “Yep,” he replied, “Now you know that my style is ‘cool.'”
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Halloween 2015

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I found myself in a little bit of a funk about Halloween this year. Ask Brad and he might even tell you that the days leading up to Halloween included a few tears (mine). Tears! I know I say this every year because Halloween kind of bugs me every year. When I feel my worst about it, I see it as a bunch of junk to buy, wear, consume, give to other people’s kids, pawn off on friends and colleagues (and more!)

I do such a bad job at getting into the spirit.

But this year I did do my best to focus on all the opportunities Halloween brings. That included:

  • Being part of a full-family-trick-or-treat outing instead of staying back to hand out candy
  • Dressing up like “Super Goyl” to be Eldyn’s better half
  • Seeing and hearing an actual owl on Halloween eve
  • Watching Brad chase Hiram down the street yelling “Give me back my hat, you monkey!”

Here are pics:


Stand and Stomp

October 25, 2015 § 1 Comment


Lew is taking skating lessons for the first time this fall. From what I can gather, the general idea at skating lessons is to master these skills in this order:

  • Stand on the ice without falling down
  • Stomp on the ice without falling down
  • Bend your knees without falling down
  • Then, and only then, try gliding

Eldyn has no patience for this. He wants to be a hockey player and he knows he needs to glide to be a hockey player. He needs to glide right this second.

I was walking him into lessons yesterday and suggested that maybe (just maybe?) he should try following his teacher’s directions. Try standing. Try stomping. Try bending his knees? Maybe those things would lead to gliding?

No. He was pretty sure not. And he wasn’t having it. “No mama! I want to stand and glide. NOT stand and stomp!”

At first, I did try “arguing” with him a little but it was clear that this wasn’t going to work. And so, when he told me that he was going out there to glide around like a pro, I told him I couldn’t wait to see him do it. I laced up his skates, got him one of those “walkers” you push around when you can’t skate, and sent him on his way.

He smiled at me from the ice. He might have even waved except he needed both hands to keep his balance. Then, he turned himself around and got right down to the business of…stomping. All the way across the ice.

I love my fierce little man.



Uh-Mazing House For Sale

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Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.13.12 AM

My parent’s house is for sale! My favorite things about the house are:

  1. Access to huge windows and amazing daylight from anywhere, including the walk-out basement
  2. A total “entertainment style” kitchen, dining and living room setup. This house hosts with such grace.
  3. The second story deck and absolutely beautiful backyard.
  4. The cozy fireplace.
  5. The secret clubhouse (see me for access tips).

Here are pictures. Please help us spread the word!

Visit From an Alligator

October 20, 2015 § 1 Comment

Here is a story Lew told us last night at dinner.

Eldyn: “Mom! There was an alligator in our preschool room today!”

Me: “There was? How did he get there?”

Eldyn: “His mom dropped him off. At first there was a sign that said ‘alligators allowed’ but that was a mistake. He was eating all our toys. So we locked him in our room and went outside to play. Then we made a sign that said ‘no alligators.'”

Eldyn: 3 Years + 10 Months

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Recently, Eldyn has started telling people he’s “three and a half quarters” He means, of course, that he’s almost four (gulp). How long can I keep telling people he’s my baby?

Let’s just not worry about that today. Here are a few of his “best of’s” from the past month.

Layers and Layers: Lew got the “layering” fashion memo this fall and is taking it to heart. I think his record so far is four long-sleeved t-shirts at once. And he should get extra credit because one of those was the kind that looks like a t-shirt with a long shirt underneath.

Shoe News: Also this month in fashion, Eldyn is ahead of the curve with the idea of wearing two different shoes. The first day he did it, he wore one sandal and one tennis shoe. He was getting all kinds of sympathy at the coffee shop until I realized everyone thought he was wearing a broken-leg-walking-boot on one of his feet. It did kind of look like that.

Write it Up: Here it comes. The writing and drawing phase! Oh man I love it. He writes E’s and l’s and other letters too! And his tight little drawings of things already have their own distinct look. I know we probably already have too much scratch paper floating around this house but I really don’t care.

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Welcome Dakota Leigh!

October 11, 2015 § 1 Comment


Look at this beautiful baby girl! Megan had Dakota one week ago and I am over-the-moon happy about it. I am so excited to be part of her life. She’s already something else.

Our house feels a little empty now that Asher is back home and settling in with his sister. We had the pure pleasure of watching him while Dakota was being born. I loved getting to know him better and the boys think Asher is the most fun ever. On the last night, they had a sleepover, which was adorable.