2015 Top 10

January 3, 2016 § 2 Comments

Our Holiday break was so relaxing — Brad and I even had time for our 2015 Top 10 date already!  Here are my top 10 things for the year. Once I got going, I thought of a bunch of “tops” so this list was tough. As usual, they are not in any order.

  1. Hiram’s (non-eventful) first day of First Grade
  2. When Eldyn caught a turtle on his fishing pole (“Daddy, remember when I caught a turtle?”)
  3. Sunday morning walks with B
  4. Seeing Antler A for sale in so many bookstores and gift shops
  5. The Square Foot Garden and my strawberry plant
  6. Perfect weekends at the cabin (one summer and one winter)
  7. Falling asleep with my Nook almost every night
  8. Actually propagating a violet plant
  9. Sleeping in a camping cabin on vacation – especially during the thunderstorms
  10. (Last but not least) Dakota Leigh! And taking care of Asher Dasher for a few days

Runners Up

  1. Family bike rides (with the new Wee-Hoo)
  2. Going to NYC for my birthday
  3. Halloween 2016 – seeing and hearing an owl!

Also (I am burying this announcement because it’s super hard to do!) I am wrapping up this sweet little blog. Mainly because Hiram is one of my main (and favorite) subjects and I think it’s time he has a say in how he’s represented on the internet. I know I have been editing myself for the past several months and that’s just not as much fun.

Thanks for all the years of reading. I will miss this blog and all of you!





§ 2 Responses to 2015 Top 10

  • Loving Grandpa (Bumpa) says:

    No. No. No! We will super miss this blog. It is one of the main reasons we look at the internet!

  • Lorene Wellnitz says:

    Hadley, it’s been great to read and keep up on you and your family. I have chuckled at so many cute things. How will I keep up now? Anyway, you’re a great niece and very creative and it’s been a fun read.

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